van gogh - 5 years contract

Ultra Deep Solution has entered into a 5 year Charter agreement involving the DSCV Van Gogh DNV-GL class. Red Tech Offshore out of Malaysia who are an integrated Decommissioning Subsea Contractor have executed this charter with UDS. The contract will start May 1, 2018 and the Van Gogh will be delivered on this date to Malaysian waters. The vessel will be also Malaysian Flagged. Ultra Deep Van Gogh is a very high specification DSCV and comes with a 150 t AHC crane that can wor...k in 3000 msw. The vessel also has a built in 18 men Saturation system 300 msw with built in Twin 18 men SPHL’s. To compliment the ships workability there are 2 x WROV’s built into the hangars, with working depths of 3000 msw.

“Once again UDS is very proud to work closely with its partners in the region. We look at our long-term goals in the Asia area. Our future now will require decades of decommissioning work and “Red Tech Offshore” is a well-known company working with Vestigo/Petronas in this subsea area. UDS will help support their projects with Diving services and ROV services. Right now, we are still focusing in the area for future long term projects. The Subsea market continues to move in the right direction and we fore see more project awards for the UDS fleet of vessels in the next few weeks.”

CEO Shel Hutton