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HRF System is divides in two major part :-
- DDC HRF Skid
- Life Support Control Container

Diver Decompression Chamber – DDC is divided in the two lock,
- Main lock
- Entry lock
-DDC Chamber design particulars
Capacity:  24 Divers
Internal Diameter    2100 mm
Overall Length    11500 mm
Man, way Diameter   700 mm
Design Pressure    30.3 BAR
Hydrostatic Test Pressure  45.5 BAR
Design Code   ASME SEC. VIII. DIV 1 2015 ED. PVHO-1 2012 ED
Design Temp   55 Deg. C
Min Design Metal Temp.   -10 Deg. C
Insulation   25mm th. Insulflex class0
Weight  29 tons (Chamber)

             40 tons (Chamber with skid)
Main Lock Volume   26 m³
Entry Lock Volume   11 m³


The Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) can accommodate up to 24 divers, The HRF system has been designed and constructed for ease of transportation & mobilisation at any suitable shore side facility. The system consists of single chamber divided in to two compartments, Main lock & Entry lock, Main lock provide the facilitate to accommodate up to 24 divers. The entry lock provides all mating & TUP facility, This HRF has provision to interface with 18 Man and 24 Man SPHL & side mating with HRC..