The DP3 DSCV DEEP INSTALLER is advanced designed and built to Ultra Deep Solutions specification for deepwater deployment worldwide. The Deep Installer is a state of art DP3 Multipurpose Diving Support Vessel / SPS Code 2008, with an 24 men twin bell saturation system for depth down to 300 meter. The Deep Installer has its own moonpool, an air diving system, and can be fitted with any UDS remotely operated vehicle.

Length overall             : 142.90 m
Breadth moulded         : 27.00 m
Depth Main deck         : 11.00 m
Dead Weight                : 8,000 ton
Main Deck                   : 1,500 m² @ 10.0t/m²
Capt. Deck                   : 650 m² @ 2.0t/m²
Main Crane                  : Huisman 400t Dual fall 3200 m
                                    : Single fall 5200 m
Trial speed                   : 14 knots
Accommodation          : 140 person

Delivery                       : Q3 2020

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diving support construction vessel "RED class"

The vessel is equipped with diesel electric frequency controlled propulsion, highly efficient azimuth thrusters, dynamic positioning system and 400t offshore cranes (3,000m water depth). A large platform deck 2,150 m2 deck space suitable for wellhead servicing, inspection and construction diving and ROV support.